Help Preserve History

Recognized as one of the most revered players of the twentieth century, those who recall Bob Feller most often remember him for the all-American stripes he wore on the ball field. But Bob also earned stars on the battlefield, defending America and preserving the freedoms and ideals that he so cherished.

Baseball was his passion and while proud of the many achievements that place him in the company of the game’s greatest icons, Bob views WWII as the greatest victory of his career. The lessons that can be learned from his selfless sacrifice, his character, his farm boy work ethic and Midwestern values extend far beyond the game of baseball. A leader on and off the field, his life tells an important story that can serve future generations well.

pull-quoteThe Bob Feller Museum was designed as a tribute to both Bob’s baseball career and personal legacy. The museum does more than house artifacts of years gone by. It tells the story of this hero, causing us to reflect and ask important questions about our own lives. Designed by Bob and his family, the museum allows families from around the globe to come together and celebrate the ideals and accomplishments of this legendary pitcher and true patriot.

For all that Bob Feller has done, his legacy is one to be preserved, celebrated and appreciated by generations to come. Help us continue to celebrate the Stars & Stripes that were the life of Bob Feller.

Your contribution towards Bob Feller Museum preservation and future programs is 100% tax deductible. Donors at the $1,000 level and above will be recognized on the museum “Stars & Stripes” wall. Donors at the $50 level or more will be listed online.